Some More Cakes

First up are the cupcakes I did for a recent craft fair.  I did three different flavors, all filled, about 110 cupcakes.  What was I thinking!?  It was actually a lot of fun and my mom helped.  After I decorated the cakes, she packaged them, which made it go much faster!  The first was carrot cake with vanilla buttercream frosting, and vanilla buttercream filling.  The second flavor was blue velvet cake with lemon buttercream frosting, and blueberry filling.  The third flavor was chocolate chunk cake with chocolate almond buttercream frosting, and raspberry filling.  They were a hit!  I would love to do another craft fair, but have been unable to find another one in the area that accommodates bakers who operate under the Michigan Cottage Food Law.  Bummer.


This is the fresh strawberry cake with strawberry filling, frosted with vanilla buttercream, and garnished with fresh strawberries.  I must say, it was a little tricky to get those suckers to stick the frosting because they were so juicy!  Luckily after I laid the slices on paper towel to soak up some of the juice, they stuck just fine.  I was asked to make it for a former co-worker.  The banner says, “Best of Luck!”.

Strawberry Cake

These are a couple of other rose cakes I’ve done.  As you can probably tell, I’m a big fan of this technique.  It’s pretty easy to do, forgiving if you goof up, and looks so pretty.  First one is a blue velvet cake with blueberry filing made for my husband’s co-worker.  Second one is Mary Todd Lincoln vanilla almond cake with Swiss meringue buttercream frosting that I made for my 25th birthday.

Rose Cakes

Last is a cake my mom hired me to do for her church.  The top half is chocolate and the bottom half is marble, both with vanilla pudding for the filling.  I cut the cake to replicate the front of the church and piped the front windows as well.

Church Cake


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