About Me

***As of August 2015, I am no longer able to operate my business due to moving to a new location which does not allow business activities to take place on the property.  Please see the blog post on this topic from October 2015 for more information***

Welcome to Creative Cakes by Laurel!  My name is Laurel Robillard and I am an amateur cake baker and decorator. I have been baking and decorating cakes and other decadent treats since I was a little girl.  My father inspired the passion in me for creating in the kitchen and I have had the appetite for it ever since!  What was a passion for me became a career aspiration when I was asked to bake a wedding cake for a friend.

The First Cake

My very first “professional” wedding cake and cupcakes!

After I did my friend’s wedding cake, the thought occurred to me that I could start my own business.  But how?  Where to start?  My husband and I did a lot of research and decided the Michigan Cottage Food Law was my best option.  My husband and I didn’t have a lot of extra dough laying around so renting or buying a space was not an option.  Also, because of zoning, I couldn’t do a “real” business in my home because I live in a municipality, so the Cottage Food Law made sense.  So, what is the Michigan Cottage Food Law?

The Michigan Cottage Food Law (MCFL) allows individuals like me to share our talents with others when it would be impossible otherwise.  The MCFL makes it possible for us to run businesses from within our homes using our home kitchens.  We do not have to pay licensing fees and we are not inspected by any agencies of the State of Michigan.  We have strict rules we have to follow and while we’re not inspected, we are committed to food safety!  Find more information on the MCFL click HERE.


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