A Few Cakes I’ve Done

Just thought I’d post a couple of pictures of some of the cakes I’ve done.

First one was for my dad’s retirement.  It’s three 8″ red velvet cakes, torted, with alternating frosting and sweet cherry filling.  Buttercream frosting.  He loves to golf, so I wanted to do a golf themed cake and cupcakes.  Used a grass tip to create the grass, small chocolate cookies for the holes, white chocolate truffles for the golf balls, and crushed graham crackers for the sand traps.  This cake was a lot of fun, but it hurt my hand so bad after doing all that grass!

Next are a couple of birthday cakes I’ve done for clients.  First one was chocolate cake and chocolate buttercream frosting.  The next was white cake with vanilla buttercream.

Quarter Sheet BirthdayVine Birthday Cake

This was a Welcome, Baby! cake I made for a co-worker’s nephew and his baby. Sheet cake was marble cake, the lower tier was yellow cake, and the top tier was chocolate cake, all with vanilla buttercream.  The rattles are cake pops, just one larger and one smaller on each end.

Welcome Baby Cake

Last one was a cake I made for my work Christmas party.  I wanted to try my hand at a checkered inside with red and green velvet cake with chocolate almond buttercream frosting.  The “pinecones” are made out of conical shaped chocolate fudge blobs with sliced almonds glued to them with melted chocolate.  I sprinkled rosemary on top to look like pine needles. Turned out pretty awesome!

Christmas Pine Tree Cake